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Sciences (including Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

For the Sciences, we will study the complexities of what makes up life and the matter surrounding it through the lenses of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. You will get a holistic and deep understanding of each of the Science fields. Feel free to join one or all of the course as they are highly coveted by our students.

Mathematics (including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus)

In these series of courses, we will go over all levels of mathematics, including: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus. Our instructors break down complex ideas and theories into simple terms. We will basics with the basics of Algebra (Variables, Slope, Linear/Quadratic Equations, Complex Numbers) and make our way to the derivatives and integrals of Calculus.

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Additional Courses (including Biochemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Astronomy, Anatomy/Physiology)

Learn about our world and the phenomenon that happens with our bodies each and every day! These courses are specialized to suit students that desire to invest their studies in more specific fields like Psychology.


Master a variety of languages through the iTOT tutoring program! We know that English is a core course among middle and high school students so we prioritize this subject among our instructor team. Enhance your essay writing skills, vocabulary, and grammar with our tutors!

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ACT and SAT Prep

Are you currently prepping for the SAT or ACT? We have tutors that specialize in these standardized tests. Through tutoring, instructional videos, and a Q&A forum, you will get all the resources you need to do better on your exams. Let's help you get your dream score!

Additional Skills (Videography/Creating Youtube Videos, Photography, Video/Photo Editing, Coding, Social Media Marketing)

Want to learn additional skills that are highly valuable in the 21st century workforce? We offer videography, photography, video/photo editing, and marketing courses to prep you for any projects that you would like to work on in the future. It can be a company that you want to create or a professional Youtube channel that you want to build up.


We provide tutoring for your particular academic needs, customizing our lessons and strategy to accommodate your level of experience and curriculum demands. We offer remote tutoring to ensure a safe and effective experience for all students and families. We guarantee that you will master the material before the end of your tutoring course. Our instructional team strives to provide the highest quality educational service to students so that they can succeed in their academic coursework and beyond in their endeavors. We are committed to your educational journey!

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