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The Omniscient Tutor [iTOT] Swimming Program

In order to Participate in the iTOT Swimming Program, please ensure that you, the student or guardian, fill out the Omniscient Tutor Swim Program Consent Form and follow the policies of the program. If you need additional support on reaching out to your swim instructor after booking your swim lessons under our "Services" -> "Swimming Instruction" tab, then contact Vince via 808-798-5553 or

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The Omniscient Tutor Swim Program Consent Form

The Omniscient Tutor sets certain expectations and standards for both our own swim instructor team as well as for the students that we coach.

 Please review these standards on a weekly basis as you proceed through your swim lessons. We would need your cooperation on following the rules and expectations in order for you to have the best swim experience.

The Omniscient Tutor Swim Instructor Application

Welcome to the iTOT Swim Instructor Team! We applaud you for taking this next step in your professional career to apply as a swim instructor for the Omniscient Tutor. Please fill out the application form below--you will only gain access to the form if you have been invited by Head Coach Vince. Please text him at 808-798-5553. After filling out the form, we will go through a holistic review of your coaching experiences, swimming abilities, and conduct an interview before we send out any offers.

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