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How to Become an Online Educational Instructor

UC Berkeley EDUC 98 SPRING 2022

  Course Credit: 2 Units (Credit/No Credit), Class #: 33491

Facilitators: Vincent Ooi ( and Pascale Mbeukeu (

Faculty Sponsor: Glynda Hull, Elizabeth H. and Eugene A. Shurtleff Chair and Director, Professor at Graduate School of Education

Lectures: Weekly on Wednesdays: 6 PM - 8 PM PST, Location: 240 Mulford

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EDUC 98 is a course, hosted by the Omniscient Tutor, that will offer students the opportunity to learn how to become an online educational instructor. Students will be introduced to the forefront of education through various pedagogical approaches and a variety of teaching mediums that can be utilized to educate learners of all ages. We will focus on how educators and instructors can tailor their curriculum to all learners through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic tools of learning. In this class, you will be able to design and develop your own online instructional course as well as learn how to use video editing software and camera equipment to enhance your lessons. The knowledge that students will gain in this course can be used to help pursue their own careers in education or set up a strong foundational understanding in the education-technology field.

Full Syllabus can be Found HERE

Meet the Course Instructors


 The Omniscient Tutor, iTOT, is an online educational non-profit organization established to assist middle and high school students using an online network assisted by group tutoring, instructional videos, and a Q&A forum. Our instructor team is consisted of undergraduate students from the top 100 universities. Currently, our team accepts up to 10 instructors on the active roster. They are the members that will directly engage with the students in tutoring and answering questions on our Q&A forum. The rest of the individuals on the team will either be a member or apart of the executive board. By getting accepted as a member on the active instructor roster, you will gain an extra 20% to your total grade. By applying to be a regular member on the Omniscient Tutor, you will gain an extra 10% to your total grade. To join the Omniscient Tutor, either to be a member or an active instructor, you will need to fill out this application first: Please read everything on the application as it will clarify many of your questions. If you have a question regarding this opportunity, feel free to contact any of the facilitators or email

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