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Resources for Students + Families

Here is every resource that you need as a parent or student that is or will be taking an iTOT tutoring course. Please check out our standards of learning, the mission we serve, a welcome message from us, and our sponsorship package.

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iTOT Standards of Learning

The Omniscient Tutor sets certain expectations and standards for both our own instructor team as well as for the students that we tutor. Please review these standards on a weekly basis as you proceed through your tutoring course. The document also entails how our educational services (tutoring, instructional courses, Q&A forum) work.

Who is the Omniscient Tutor?

Here is a quick handout to get to know a little about our organization and the audience that we serve. It also gives specific details to the different teams that operate in the Omniscient Tutor and how they collaboratively impact students around the world.

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The Omniscient Tutor Welcome Message

Welcome to the Omniscient Tutor! Our team is happy to welcome every family and student to utilize our tutoring services, online instructional courses, and Q&A forum platform. Please view our handout below.

The Omniscient Tutor Referral Form

Want to Get $100 off of your Next Tutoring Course? Refer a Friend!

The Omniscient Tutor Sponsorship Package

Would you like to partner with us? Do you have other connections who work towards the same mission as us? Feel free to reach out and consider being a partner of the Omniscient Tutor. Please take a look at our sponsorship package below.

Resources for Students + Families: Resources
Doing Homework

The Omniscient Tutor Tutoring Services

Here is a one page document that details all the services (tutoring packages) that we offer. When students/families purchase a tutoring course, they will have access to all these resources.

The Omniscient Tutor Tutoring Feedback Form

Hello, students! Thanks for joining the tutoring session hosted by one of our instructors from the Omniscient Tutor.  In order for us to improve as the iTOT team, we need your honest feedback on how each instructor is doing. Let us know what we can improve on as well as the tools that you need to maximize your ability to absorb the academic content! 

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